National airline connecting the islands of Kiribati

National airline connecting the islands of Kiribati

About Us


Air Tungaru was the first airline of Kiribati. As the predecessor of
current Air Kiribati, it was Kiribatis national flag carrier. Air Tungarus
main base was the international airport at Kiribatis capital, South
Tarawa. From there, regular service was provided to all 16 domestic
airports in the Gilbert Islands. Using a Boeing 727-100 airplane, the
airline operated also an international service between Tarawa and
Honolulu, United States via Kanton Island or Kiritimati and between
Tarawa and the Tuvalu an capital Funafuti.


Air Kiribati’s now is the bridge through the sky that connects the locals
throughout the islands. Since our origin in 1995, in excess of 500,000
passengers have flown with us domestically and internationally. With
more than 3,000 flights scheduled per year, we are Kiribati’s hope and
were conferred the mission of, as our motto says: “Flying our nation


Prominent Provider of reliable, efficient and trusted air service


To leverage our key resources through the company values


– Our commitment to safety is the absolute priority in all we plan and do. All aspects of safety are considered paramount to the execution of our business. We are totally committed to the establishment and maintenance of a healthy and safe workplace for our customers, employees and all other stakeholders, and to the safety and security of our aircraft and other assets.

Leadership – We understand that through our actions we influence and inspire all those who work with us.

People – People are Air Kiribati’s most valuable asset. We are committed to developing skills, considering each person’s special needs, and treating all fairly with dignity and respect. This concept applies to all people within Air Kiribati, our
customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Integrity – To embrace, sustain and exercise the highest standards of ethics that meet the demands of compliance and safety, and encompass fairness, honesty and respect for our staff, our customers and our stakeholders.

Accountability – We are committed to the highest levels of accountability, transparency and responsibility, to realize and maintain the best positive outcomes for the airline.

Quality Services – We practice the very highest levels of efficiency in the use of our resources yet continue to provide and consistently deliver superior customer service.

Social Obligations – We will establish workable partnerships with principal Government stakeholders, and all other essential partners to facilitate feasible desired economic and social development for the benefit of Kiribati and its citizens.