National airline connecting the islands of Kiribati

National airline connecting the islands of Kiribati

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about your trip with Air Kiribati ? Discover our FAQ section

Will I be advised about passport, visa, COVID-19 and other health regulations?

If the flight is an international flight, Air Kiribati will provide all the necessary information regarding documentation. The documentation itself is the responsibility of the passengers to obtain it.

Can I buy a ticket with Air Kiribati?

Yes, you can fill the form on the website, or email us at: [email protected]

Who should I contact if I need to change the date of my flight or if I want to cancel my itinerary?

You can contact our Reservations team at: [email protected]

My name is not correct on the booking/ticket. How can I correct it?

Send a picture of any photo ID to us at [email protected], along with the booking reference and we will correct it for you. It does not apply to completely different names.

In case I need to apply for a refund of my ticket, how do I apply for the refund?

You can visit the Reservations office in Bonriki, and bring the letter. Or email us at [email protected]

How do I book a special assistance request (e.g. seat assignment, traveling with pets, etc.)?

You can request anything to the reservations team and we will try to accommodate any special needs.

How can I find the baggage allowances for my flight? Is it possible to pay for extra-luggage?

On our domestic flights the baggage allowance per Adult is one piece of 15KG.

Extra luggage might be available, but it is not possible to purchase previously. Only at check in.

How can I Pay for my flights?

In person, via cash or cheque in the Reservations office in Bonriki.

Remotely via Bank Transfer, our bank details will be sent to you if requested upon booking creation.

How many seats can I book at one time?

Depends on the amount of seats available for the flight chosen.

What kind of identification do I need to travel?

Any valid form of photo ID for Kiribati residents or Passport for international visitors.

How do I find out about seat sales/promotions?

You can like our page on Facebook and follow us at Instagram @air_kiribati to stay up to date on deals and promotions.

What are the Conditions of Carriage?

To view our Conditions of Carriage, click on the link below.

Conditions of Carriage


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