National airline connecting the islands of Kiribati

National airline connecting the islands of Kiribati


Livery Design Competition for Air Kiribati DH6-300/400



Air Kiribati is in the process of renewing its domestic fleet, with the renewal we will also launch a new livery for the planes which will be created and designed by the public and submitted to the Air Kiribati Livery Committee as per the schedule below.


Time to submit works: From 00:00 August 23, 2022 to 23:59, September 06, 2022

Time to select works: From September 07, 2022 to September 10, 2022

Time to announce the list of winners: September 13, 2022


Air Kiribati Livery Creator Award, 1 winner: AUD1, 000 in cash + award certificate + invitation to the first flight ceremony of Air Kiribati’s Twin Otter w/ new livery

Excellent Creative Award, 2 winners: AUD500 in cash + award certificate + invitation to the first flight ceremony of Air Kiribati’s Twin Otter w/ new livery

Shortlisted Creative Ideas Award, 5 winners: AUD200 in cash + award certificate


All the above-mentioned bonuses are before tax. In case the organizer is obligated to withhold and pay for the taxes under Kiribati laws and regulations, the organizer will withhold the taxes directly from the bonuses;

Works to Be Solicited

Creative livery for Twin Otter DH6-300/400

Downloading design materials: source images of plane schematics diagram(PNG), Air Kiribati standard logo (PNG, No Background) and High Resolution image of the Kiribati National Flag

Design Requirements

  1. Creative design principle: complying with Kiribati laws, public order, and good customs, conforming to Air Kiribati’s positioning, and offering original and not used or disclosed works;
  2. Creative design direction: combining Air Kiribati and the Kiribati National flag elements and cultural implication, and being international, innovative, artistic, fresh, lively, flexible for extension, highly distinctive and should reflect motion or momentum forward (as an allusion to our slogan “Flying our nation forward”).

Submission Requirements

  1. The complete work shall present the plane’s livery design (from front, side, upward, and top views), and Air Kiribati standard logo and design description;
  2. All works shall be electronic drafts in jpg, png, or gif format, RGB, minimum margin 1000px, and resolution 300 dpi or above (to ensure the justice and equity of the competition, design draft shall not contain any information about the author). Maximum file size: 5M. For each work, please provide design description up to 500 characters;
  3. All works should be uploaded on the email [email protected]
  4. The author shall keep the vector file of his/her work (CDR, AI, PSD, or Rhino), so as to submit it to the organizing committee after winning an award. In case an award-winning designer is unable to provide the source file of his/her work, his/her award will be annulled;
  5. There are no limits on the number of works submitted by one contestant (unit or individual). In case one contestant has multiple works for the competition, please submit only one work each time. Only one image of work may be uploaded. In case there are multiple design drawings, they shall be pieced together in one image before being uploaded;
  6. To protect the intellectual rights of contestants and the organizing committee, contestants may choose to submit their works either in encryption or public display manner.

Criteria of Review

In the principle of practicability, the organizer will evaluate works mainly by the following criteria and weight:

  1. Practical (40%): In terms of works design, full consideration should be given to the carrier and operating environment. The works facilitating spraying can get an extra 10% bonus for designers;
  2. Recognizable (30%): Works should be agreeable to the public’s appreciation of beauty, highly recognizable, and touching, with full consideration given to various kinds of audience’s appreciation habits with different cultural backgrounds;
  3. Innovative (30%): The overall style and design elements like frame and font shall be processed and conveyed in an original and novel manner.


  1. College teachers and students of design major;
  2. Designers with businesses or design companies;
  3. Design lovers;
  4. No limit on age or nationality.

Intellectual Property & Instructions

  1. All works submitted for the competition must be original and not published on newspapers, magazines or other media. Once a shortlisted or award-winning work is found to be involved in plagiarism or other infringements, the organizer will disqualify the contestant and recover the bonus, prize and certificate, the infringer shall bear all legal liabilities on his/her own;
  2. All contestants must be lawful owners of the works, have independent copyrights, legally use materials like images, and bear corresponding legal liabilities. In case existing patent or third-party commercial materials such as font and images are used, the contest shall explicitly state the fact in the “Design Description” and guarantee he/she has the right to use the materials;
  3. No charge is collected for the competition. All contestants shall bear all the charges incurred by the participation in the competition;
  4. Ownership of the award-winning works shall belong to the organizer. From the day the award notification is sent out, the organizer is entitled to use the works lawfully. Winners of awards shall sign a letter of commitment on the assignment of intellectual property. After the organizer pays bonuses, the works and intellectual property therein shall belong to the organizer, including but not limited to intellectual property, right to use, right to release, and right of disposition, and the organizer is entitled to modify the works;
  5. During the competition, the organizer is entitled to adjust the assessment process, schedule, and awards setting.